Full Body Bio Scan

Full Body Bio Scan in New Braunfels

The Health, Healing and Wellness Company are one of the few holistic establishments in all of New Braunfels that offers bio scan technology. This ground-breaking device and service can precisely detect and predict illnesses before they even emerge. In fact, thanks to bio scan technology we can get to the root of any physical or mental ailment naturally, without the use of intrusive, prodding and painful machinery.

What is a Body Bio Scan and How Does it Work?

The bio scan technology method is a quick, painless, non-invasive procedure that measures and identifies stressors within your body. The process is performed by one of Health, Healing and Wellness Companies experienced practitioners and the method consists of a complex, systematic program that allows us to see and evaluate your weaknesses.

This is done by measuring your internal and physical reactions to a wide range of vibrational tests. These electrical pain-free experiments help us pinpoint which areas are lacking in energy and vitality. Once we have the results, our New Braunfels experts are able to formulate in-depth insight in understanding your physical discomfort and come up with a customized wellness plan that will target those issues.

Bio Scans are Not Diagnostic Machines

Anyone and everyone in New Braunfels can benefit from a bio scan, but do not confuse it as an analysis tool. Bio scan technology is an all-natural non-diagnostic device that gives us a snapshot of what is going on in your body in terms of energy waves. It summarizes your strengths and weaknesses through imaging.

Detailed and Personalized Health Assessments

Thanks to our full body bio scan technology, The Health, Healing and Wellness Company is able to perform a health assessment that allows us to see if your chronic ailments are an indicator of an emerging illness. Once we detect those physical weaknesses, and mental blocks, we’ll be able to come up with a personalized health plan that will point you in the right direction. Each New Braunfels treatment is customized and will focus on cancelling out any escalating conditions, ultimately preventing these teensy seeds of disease from manifesting into life threatening illnesses.


The Health, Healing and Wellness Company believes in customized health plans that fit your everyday New Braunfels needs. For exceptional client care, personalized one on one treatments and innovative solutions to even your most stubborn health problems, look no further. Our team of experts are here to help you. Contact us today to find out more about our various wellness programs.

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