Luxury VIP Experience

Luxury VIP Experience in San Antonio

The Health, Healing & Wellness Company prides itself on providing San Antonio clients with luxurious and alternative spa treatments and services. We want you to feel like a VIP for a day, because no one deserves it more than you! With your jam packed schedule, and on-the-go routine, taking some time for yourself is probably difficult. In fact, even when you’re on break or having alone time, you’re probably still thinking of other things like: work, errands, housework, family and other stressors.

Treat yourself to a day of pure undisturbed relaxation, and clear those worries and never-ending to-do lists from your mind with our VIP luxury experience package.

A Meditative and Life Changing Experience.

How often have you said to yourself “I need a vacation,” what if we told you that a day with us will probably leave you feeling calmer than a week away at a resort. How is this possible? The methods and techniques our specialists use are focused on relieving and clearing the body of aches, pains and toxins. Not only will you feel rested, you’ll feel rejuvenated as well!

We try to provide the best services available to every single one of our San Antonio clients. The Health, Healing & Wellness Company uses treatments that will instill in you, a sense of wholeness and wellness on a completely different level.

Menopausal Massage Package

Whether you’re in pre, post or full menopause mode, we can help you out. As a woman going through the change of life, your body is suddenly undergoing constant fluctuations. Which can cause physical and mental repercussions, but this does not have to be a negative experience.

Our specialized menopausal massage therapies will not only decrease symptoms, it’ll allow you to accept and embrace this enlightening transformation.

The benefits

When you choose The Health, Healing & Wellness Company as your source for relaxation, you’ll notice an instant change in your overall mood and the way you react in stressful situations. The annoying aches, pains and fatigue will occur less frequently and your sleeping patterns will improve too. There are a variety of advantageous effects just waiting for you. Here are just a few of the benefits our treatments can offer:

  • Upswing in mood
  • Improvement in blood circulation
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Releases serotonin
  • Help decrease anxiety/worry
  • Aids with chronic pain conditions
  • Stimulate immune system
  • Eliminate Menopause symptoms
  • Increase energy

Elite Services

If you’re looking for a one of a kind, elite experience that will leave you feeling rested rejuvenated and blissful; then you’ve come to the right place. The Health, Healing & Wellness Company in San Antonio offers exclusive packages and deals at exceptionally competitive rates! With our VIP treatment you’ll be an honored guest and leave feeling like a posh celebrity. The all-around vibe is peaceful and calming and is the perfect getaway if you only have one day off or need some serious relaxation time.

Exclusive Packages

Our VIP rejuvenation and detoxification packages are perfect for anyone who is looking to relax without having to take a week off work or spend tons of money on a trip! These deals are ideal for brides and grooms to be, whether they just need time to themselves to de-stress before the big day; or want to enjoy a fun luxurious day out with pals. Want to treat a friend who’s been in the dumps lately; or a new mom so she can have a day off from baby duties? The Health, Healing & Wellness Company VIP luxury experience is the perfect gift for just about anyone!


The Health, Healing & Wellness Company offers a variety of spa treatments, browse through our site and take a look at special offers and package deals. If you want a more detailed description on a specific treatment, or need to speak with one of our specialists, give us a call 209-640-3154. Our staff will be happy to discuss programs and arrangements with you.