All Natural Healing Products in San Antonio

Did you know that certain scents and oil infusions have the ability to heal you? Aromatherapy mixtures can decrease stress levels, increase endorphins, heal skin and release unwanted tensions. In fact some concoctions can even aid PMS symptoms, menopause, joint pain and digestion issues. The essential oils The Health, Healing and Wellness Company offers San Antonio are 100% pure and natural.

Our Essential Oils Wellness Kits

Take a look at our San Antonio restorative tonics, essential oils and various healing kits. Read each description carefully to find the essence package that fits your lifestyle and suits your needs. Each one of our kits contains a detailed set of instructions that will explain how to use and store the essential oils.

Mood Enhancing Kit

This essential oil kit includes two blends, one that grounds and one that elevates. This creates the ultimate, divine balance. Instilling both a sense of stability and a feeling of joy and happiness. It is the ideal mood enhancer for anyone experiencing mental tension. The kit contains:

  • Balance Essential Oil Blend- Grounding 15cc
  • Elevation Essential Oil Blend- Joyful 15cc

Essential Oil Travel Kit

You’ll never be a weary traveler again! This essential oil travel kit relaxes, releases and revives you after a long journey. Each one of these essential oil infusions were created by The Health, Healing and Wellness Company for travel specific issues like: insomnia, nausea, fatigue, anxiety and restlessness. Below is detailed information on what the Healing, Health and Wellness Company’s essential oil travel kit offers:

  • Lemon Essential Oil Kit*15cc If you suffer from motion sickness, a quick intake of our citrus blend will ease queasiness symptoms. The all natural lemon oil will stimulate your senses and mood because it works as a nausea blocker. Just inhale, or dab a pinch beneath your nose for an invigorating pick me up.
  • Lavender Essential Oil Kit*15cc: Lavender is one of the oldest, most commonly used essences in the world because it holds a wild amount of benefits. This essential oil is ideal for anyone taking a long overseas or cross-country trip. It will not only decrease stress levels but also help with insomnia during a long flight or train/bus ride. Instead of popping fatigue inducing medication, use this natural alternative. You’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated instead of drowsy.
  • Balance Essential Oil Blend*15cc The balance oil blend was created to help with jetlag, exhaustion and high stress levels. This mixture is best used before and after a long ride.
  • Grounding Essential Oil Blend *5cc This earthy infused, all natural tonic will help you feel less light-headed and dis-organized. If you’re someone who tends to feel very rushed or stressed before a big trip, event or presentation, this grounding essence blend will help you feel stabilized, secure and calm.
  • Onguard Essential Oil Blend *15cc This blend is great for the immune system and works to eliminate and control pathogens. Perfect for the tired traveler who is stuck sitting next to a passenger with a cold! Onguard is a protective blend specifically formulated to help stabilize and release tension and support a healthy immune system.

Cost: $150.00

General Wellness Kit

Each one of the tonics in our wellness kit is made up of all natural infusions that target specific ailments that will help to purify, stimulate and increase whole body wellness. Each kit includes:

  • Peppermint Essential Oil *15cc Peppermint aids with concentration and eases tensions. This blend will prevent and reduce the effects of cold sores, migraines, fungal infection and aches or pains.
  • Lavender Essential Oil *15cc Whether you’re feeling stressed at the office, overwhelmed at home or frustrated in the car, lavender essential oil will ease the stress. The scent heals in more ways than one and is a great tool if you have insomnia.
  • Lemon Essential Oil *15cc You won’t need as much coffee in the morning, if you use our lemon Wellness oil blend. The citrus flavors will not only rejuvenate you throughout the day, but also help you focus your attention at the task at hand. Ideal for studying and office or physical work.
  • Thieves Essential Oil *15cc Thieves is perfect for air purification. It has anti-septic, anti-viral and immune stimulating properties that prevent and diffuse sickness, colds, dander, bacteria, pollutants and other airborne germs.

Cost: $137.00

*Please check and verify with your healthcare professional if you are prone to allergies. The above price does not include tax or cost of shipping and handling.

The Healing, Health and Wellness Company Products are Safe and Natural

Oil Brands you find in Stores are not always pure or 100% natural, a lot of the time you’ll notice that store bought products cost less because they are made from cheaper products. Synthetic oils are often overpoweringly pungent, they smell way too strong and that is because fragrance and other by-products were chemically added.

If you have purchased oils in the past, be very cautious and make sure to verify their authenticity. Only pure oil essences can aid health issues- while concentrated imitations will only stimulate and irritate your problem areas and possibly make your condition worse. When you purchase The Health, Healing and Wellness Company products you are getting guaranteed results. Our San Antonio goods have been manufactured naturally with purposeful, positive thoughts and good intentions.