Botanically Infused Coconut Oil ~ Kuumba Made

Kuumba made botanically infused coconut oil is made up of all natural healing properties that are safe enough for even the most sensitive skin types.

Nicknamed: alchemy for the practical; Kuumba oils are pure, earthy and rich in natural minerals. The Health Healing and Wellness Company only offers products that match our whole body wellness philosophy and Kuumba’s organic, botanically infused coconut oil is a product that perfectly embodies our beliefs.

What is a Kuumba Made Product?

These true botanical infusions are made from flower, leaf, seed and resin extracts. Kuumba botanically infused coconut oil is a pure organic skin food, rich in antioxidants and vitamins D and E. These elixirs are Ideal for all three dosha types, especially the Pitta dosha, who are prone to aggravating skin conditions like: hives, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, rosacea and eczema.

Did You Know?

Although coconut oil as a skin treatment is currently trending, do not confuse it as some new fad. It may seem like everyone and their mother is using some kind of coconut infused products these days…But did you know that coconut oil, skin and hair treatments date all the way back to ancient times? In fact Coconut oil has been used for centuries because of the wonderful amount of benefits it produces.

Types of Botanically Infused Coconut Oil

Rose Coconut oil is softening, soothing and hydrating to the skin. It acts as a tonic and gently stimulates membrane cells. Activating regeneration, which is ideal for combatting scars and wrinkles. Rose is also good for the heart chakra. As it opens the heart and enhances a feeling of love and wholeness, instilling a sense of balance.

Lavender coconut oil is gentle, balancing and increases blood circulation. It calms, soothes and tones the skin. Reducing inflammation and dryness. Lavender promotes relaxation, harmony, passion and romance.

Calendula Coconut oil is an anti-inflammatory; it stimulates cell growth and has healing properties. It is soothing to the skin thanks to its anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

Sage Coconut oil is calming, cleansing and purifying. It has excellent astringent properties, it tightens soft tissue. Great for mature skin and overall cleansed feeling. Sage helps ward off negative energies and personal smog.

Jasmine Coconut oil is a mood enhancer and has an uplifting effect on the mind. The jasmine scent evokes feelings of happiness, and awakens romance; while the texture is soothing, calming and rejuvenating.

Pinon Coconut oil has an intoxicating, warm and earthy scent. It stimulates circulation with its anti-inflammatory properties. This oil is helpful in treating eczema and psoriasis.

Vanilla Coconut oil draws you in and helps you feel warm and comfortable. It has a relaxing, delicious scent and is a known aphrodisiac. You’ll leave a lingering fragrant scent wherever you go!

Coffee Coconut oil is naturally full of antioxidants and will leave you with stronger, healthier and clearer skin. Did you know that caffeine actually assists the skin’s ability to heal, restore, firm and tighten?

Rosemary Coconut oil has cell regenerating and healing properties useful in treating chronic skin conditions. It stimulates circulation and hair growth. It is also used to enhance mental clarity.

Mochalicious Coconut oil combines coffee and cacao to enhance your skin’s radiance, giving you the feeling of euphoria and comfort. It also smells amazing too and the scent lasts for hours on end!

These oils are available in 4 sizes:

Size Price
1 Ounce $12.50
2 Ounces $19.50
4 Ounces $28.60
8 Ounces $44.00


All Products are Preservative, Paraben, Phthalates, Petrochemical and Sulfate free.

Herbal First Aid ~ Kuumba Made

These care and comfort salves were formulated to be effective, safe and gentle enough for children. They are made by hand in small batches with 90 to 98% certified organic ingredients, with the intention to heal. These herbal infusions are made with an olive oil base to ensure excellent skin absorption and deliver potent healing benefits.

Herbal Healing Salve

This salve is good for wound, rashes, burns, itching, and bites.

A powerful blend of herbs hat promote healing to the skin. Chickweed and plantain draw out toxins, while calendula and comfrey are anti-inflammatory and promote cell regeneration. This salve helps relieve pain and irritation caused by bites, burns, itching and rashes, including diaper rash and hemorrhoids. Quenching to dry skin and soothing to eczema. Safe for pet healing. 98% Organic.

Sprain & Strain Recovery

This salve is good for bruising, swelling, sore and aching muscles.

Infused with St. John’s Wort and Arnica; which is traditionally used to relieve pain, reduce swelling and bruising and stimulate circulation while inducing relaxation. Essential oils used in this blend enhance healing properties and create a spicy, warm, calming effect. Unlike traditional muscle relaxants, there’s no burning effect on the eyes. Used y many chiropractors, rolfers and massage therapist to assist with the healing process. 98 % Organic. Also good for growing pains.

Repetitive Motion Relief

This salve is used for swollen, painful tendons.

Used to relieve swelling and pain from over used tendons. Allantoin, the active ingredient in comfrey aids injury repair and healing. This salve helps relieve inflammation from carpel tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. Created with new moms in mind. 96% Organic. Gentle and effective for everyday use.

Joint Support

This salve is used for painful, stiff and inflamed joints.

Helpful to people with painful, stiff, inflamed joints. Chaparral improves circulation, while St. Johns Wort and Arnica relieve pain and reduce swelling. Bay contains eugenol, which has anti-inflammatory properties. 98% Organic. Great for decreasing Arthritis pain and soreness.

Breathe Deep Chest Rub

This salve is used to relieve congestion, stuffy nose and sinus pressure.

This chest rub belongs in every medicine cabinet. A synergistic blend of 8 essential oils and a wonderful, natural way to relieve a stuffy nose. Peppermint and eucalyptus are known for their antiviral, antibacterial and decongestive properties. Clary sage, black spruce and ginger create a lifting and calming effect. Use under the nose, on chest, around the ears and on the soles of your feet so that reflexology points take it in. Opens up the respiratory system and relaxes the entire body. 90% Organic. Safe and effective on babies.

Scar Repair

This salve transforms new and old scars.

A highly effective salve that is quickly gaining in popularity. This formula is enhanced with lavender, helichrysum, yarrow, chamomile and frankincense; all known for properties that encourage cell regeneration and reduce appearance of scars. A healthy dose of Vitamin E has been added as a skin nutritive. Can be used as soon as stitches are removed and wound is completely closed. To soften tissue, massage into scar at least twice daily. 95% Organic. Softens Tissue and Reduces Color.

Available in 4 Sizes

Size   Price
 1/3 oz. (travel size)  $7.15
 1oz.  $13.00
 2oz.  $18.00
 4oz.  $27.00


Herbal First Aid Travel Kit

Perfect for your pocket or purse

This handy little travel kit contains 1/3oz. of each:

Herbal Healing Salve

Sprain and Recovery Salve

Repetitive Motion Relief Salve

Joint Support Salve

Breathe Deep Chest Rub

Scar Repair

Price: $39.00

All Products are Preservative, Paraben, Phthalates, Petrochemical and Sulfate free.

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