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1. Functional Medicine with Jodie Ellenor

Have you heard about the medical discipline called Functional Medicine? Would you like to learn what it is and why you should be paying attention to it? Are you aware that Functional Medicine is now being integrated with Western Medicine to treat the whole person? Have you ever heard of Leaky Gut Syndrome? Do you know what Leaky Gut Syndrome is? Or How a person gets Leaky Gut Syndrome? Would you like to learn what the symptoms are and what you should watch for? Do you know the correlation between Leaky Gut Syndrome and why you be paying attention to this?

What about hormone imbalance, are you or someone you know experiencing challenges due to hormone imbalance? Did you know that Functional Medicine can help cure Leaky Gut Syndrome and other digestive challenges as well as balance a system where hormonal imbalance is taking place?

If you are curious about Functional Medicine, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Gluten or hormone imbalance, join us as Jodie Ellenor shares her wisdom regarding Functional Medicine, what it is and why it is so important to incorporate it into our lives. She also shares some interesting tidbits about worms, herbs, lab test and Functional Medicine that will definitely leave you wanting to know more.

2. Personal Power Mastery – The Key to Personal, Business, and Financial Success

Have you ever fantasized about being in Napoleon Hill's shoes as he was gathering wisdom of the world's leading industrialist for Think and Grow Rich? Imagine the secrets he learned and the wisdom gained regarding the science of success. What if that information was made available to you, what would you do? Would you like to learn the secrets of some of today's most successful people and how you can incorporate then into your life? Did you know that the secret to success begins with your personal power? Do you know the true meaning of personal power? Are you curious as to why some people seem to achieve success easily and why others struggle to make ends meet?

What if you could obtain the knowledge to achieve success in the areas that you desire without leaving the comfort of your home? Better yet, would you like to learn secrets to success used by the top 400 most successful people in the world? Douglas Vermeeren interviewed the top 400 successful people in the world and shares nuggets of gold about success that can be used by anyone? Douglas Vermeeren also shares what he learned from Oprah, Richard Branson and the top executive at ABC regarding success and why the key to success is within our reach.

3. Nourishing Yourself in the Midst of Life's Busyness

We live in a world of constant movement, and our day-to-day lives seem to get busier by the hour. Our days are full of information, full of obligations, full of friends and family, full of everything . . . except fulfillment. And rushing has become a national epidemic that has lead to stress being at an all time high. Even when we’re rushing to and from the good stuff–like a rewarding job with wonderful colleagues or quality time spent with loved ones–we can still end up feeling drained and exhausted, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of life. It is this volume, this busyness, that creates a disconnect between your outer life and your inner self. This separation can cause your soul to wilt, preventing you from experiencing joy and hearing your own wisdom about what needs priority in your life. Join us as Karen Horneffer-Ginter shares why this happens, how we can prevent this from happening in our life and what we can do right now to turn this around.

4. Superwoman Lifestyle

Have you heard of the term "Superwoman?" What kind of vision pops into your head when you hear the term "Superwoman?" Do you know or have a Superwoman in your life? Do you know the true definition of a Superwoman and what it takes to be one? Are you curious as to how a Superwoman lives? In today's society being a Superwoman requires that special little something that not every woman possess however it is accessible to all woman.

The key to being a Superwoman is not by doing more but by being more and living a life by your design, a Superwoman's Lifestyle. Whether you are a stay at home mom, career woman, entrepreneur or business mogul being a Superwoman and having a life of balance is possible when you know how. Vicki Irvin shares how she has become and Superwoman and what women can do to become their own "Superwomen."

5. Falling for the Stars

The life as a stunt woman can be a difficult way to earn a salary but when you are good and become in demand, you get to stand in for such actors as Madonna, Meryl Streep, Daryl Hannah, Michelle Pfeiffer and Grace Jones to name a few. However with success sometimes a person has to pay before they completely understand the real meaning of success.

Join us as Lisa Loving Dalton provides a magical behind the scenes look at the stars and moviemaking through the eyes of a woman who went toe to toe with Hollywood elite, or at least walked in their stunt shoes. Join us as Lisa shares her story of how walking in those “stunt shoes” taught her the true meaning of life and how she plans to use what she learned to help others embrace their journey as they go through life. What she has to say just might surprise you.

6. Evolutionary Awakening

Are you a seeker in life or are you a liver of life? Have you ever taken time to think about your experiences in life and why your life is the way it is? Do you ever wonder why so much value is placed on having money and material things even though it has proven that money can't buy happiness? When you were young you lived in a world where stories were told to you and you grew up believing these stories without any proof or validation of them being true however many of these stories are false. Are you aware how the falsities of these stories have impacted your life? Have you discovered the one thing that you have complete control over that has the power to change your life and being much success to you? Are you exercising your mind, freedom of thought and ability to be rational for the betterment of your life? Are you are of the things that occurring in the world today that can have a huge impact on your life in a negative way? Monk Yun Rou answers these questions and more as we explore the mad monk manifesto and the secrets it holds to completely transforming your life so that you can live the life of your dreams.