How I went from a Bullied, "Skinny Little Girl" to Helping Hundreds Prosper in All Areas of Life Beyond their Wildest Dreams

My Childhood Quickly Derailed at My “8th” Birthday Party

My life started to unravel at my eighth birthday party when...

My Beloved Dog King Collided With a Car.

When the front door swung open for us to go outside and play, I reeled back in horror at the site of my beloved German Shepherd King lying in a pool of blood. King had been hit by and car and crawled to the front door. I was devastated, confused, and broken-hearted. My party was over. And my life would never be the same again. My trusted companion, my cuddle-buddy on cold winter nights was gone. And the hardest part - I wasn’t allowed to grieve. My mother wouldn’t even let me cry over King’s loss.

My Grandfather’s Heart Attack Left Me Even More Alone

Two months later, my Sicilian grandfather (name) had a fatal heart attack and stroke. You see, (name) was so much more than a grandfather to me. He was my primary care-giver. He picked me up from school every day, shared his love of Italian delicacies with me, and taught me how to cook his favorite Sicilian dishes. We spent hours in the kitchen together making up fun cooking games and enjoying great meals together.

Now (name) was also gone. And once again, I was told I had to be strong. Crying was for babies. But oh how my heart ached..

My Parents Announced They Were Getting A Divorce

That fateful year – the year I turned 8 years old – was a battleground for my soul. Every other month, something major changed. I had to face some kind of loss again and again.

This time my parents told me they were getting a divorce, using the same stern-talking tone as before. I started to grasp my “new normal’. NO Crying Allowed!.

Death, Divorce, & Dis-Ease Entered Center Stage

Life as I knew it had drastically changed. How could anything else possibly happen. How could the thread unravel any further…

Bullied By the BIG Kids

Even with all the chaos in my young life, I was still looking forward to starting third grade and spending time with my friends again.

But school took a twisted turn. My test scores had determined I was gifted, so I was promoted to the 4th grade. I was uprooted and moved to another school with Older children, Bigger children, AND one of the girls was a Bully. She harassed me every day for the entire school year.

Belly Aches And Bullies

I NEVER told anybody what was going on at my new school. I suffered in silence, internalizing the FEAR. As the bullying increased, so did tummy aches. I woke up feeling sick every single day.

Doctors’ Visits, Meds, And Tests - But NO Relief!

Then the doctors’ visits started, but no one could diagnose my problem. I endured tests after tests. I was a type A kid, excelling in school and sports. Yet - all the while - suffering from a constant belly ache.

One thing I was sure of… I was not going to live my life taking all those meds.

When Food Was No Longer Safe To Eat, I Totally Stopped Eating & Drank ONLY Water!

When puberty and hormones set in, my symptoms just got worse. It didn’t really matter what I ate, the pain continued to intensify. At one point, I tried to replace food with juices… Only the fire in my gut intensified. SO I totally stopped eating.

Confusion. Stress. Isolation.

This was in the late 60s to early 70s. At that time, a child suffering from any stress-related disorder was not considered possible. How could a child have that much stress?!?

Big Girls Don’t Cry

No one understood what was happening to me. I was experiencing PTSD-Type symptoms. I’d had to endure loss and grief with no outlet for relief. Instead I’d repeatedly been told - Don’t cry, be strong, Big girls don’t cry! And this pain and loss was stuck inside my small body.

Even then I lived by this motto…

Do What You Want To Do Because It CAN Be Done!

As a child I knew the Truth. I believe that’s why I persevered. No matter how much pain I was in.

17 Years With A Stiff Upper Lip…

Don’t ask me how I managed to conceal my sickness for all these years. I guess it was all my childhood conditioning to hold everything in. But after years of internalizing from my childhood traumas, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. One night my husband came home and found me…

Curled Up In A Fetal Position, Sobbing Uncontrollably, And Writhing in Pain

My stomach hurt so bad I was curled up in a ball in front of the fireplace. The only thing I could think about was how to STOP the pain. I believed if I could somehow pierce my abdomen, the burning pain would go away. I started to imagine jabbing myself in the gut with the fire poker… Anything to release the fire in my belly. I had reached my limit. I couldn’t go on living like this anymore.

My inner guidance knew the fire in my belly needed air to breathe, the fire needed to be quenched, so I could heal.

God Help Me!

That night I started praying “God Help Me”! I prayed every day for relief.

Until I Got the Divine Download…

My prayers were finally answered. God gave me specific steps to take. I slowly began to feel better as the intensity of my pain decreased. Nine months to the day, I released this burden of uninhibited stress eating me from the inside out.

Imagine curing yourself from a bleeding ulcer After suffering without a diagnosis for 17 years!

Every cell of my being had been impacted. I had lost so much of me, of what I might have been had my mind, body, and spirit not been so depleted.

I was a good student, a good athlete, and a good nurse. Yet, I often wondered how much better I might have been if I hadn’t been plagued with dis-ease in my body.

Healing Stories From a Graveyard-Shift Trauma Nurse

As if my miracle healing wasn’t enough, I soon discovered I Not Only Could Heal Myself, I could help heal others, too. While I was working as an ER trauma nurse at Kaiser Permanente, I began to notice I had the gift of knowing what was actually wrong with my patients. The doctors were shocked when time after time I was spot on with the correct diagnosis.

The doctors kept asking me how I was able to pinpoint the problems they couldn’t and urged me to go to med school. However, my greatest joy came from the patients who came back the next day or sometimes days after, to thank me for helping them. Once I started to recognize my gift of healing, I quickly realized...

We all suffer from some form of PTSD

This Download Wasn’t Just For Me

It was for all of us...The Divine, God, Source, Whatever you choose to call it Doesn’t want you to suffer And Neither Do I…

Because There’s SO much more to life.

I guess I always knew the truth.

I had that “CAN DO” mindset as child.

I still like to dream about how much more I might have accomplished when I was younger…

I was a good athlete. But I believe I could have been an exceptional athlete. Especially when I imagine a healthier version of me back then. Before stress grabbed me and robbed me of the joys of my childhood.

Over the years, I’ve taken the required action steps and mapped the course to living life on my terms.

I’m not talking about some “step by step” system I read in a book or learned in an online program. These steps are how I’ve implemented the nitty gritty details that will help you prosper in all areas of your life.

Once I got my health on track, I was able to gain prosperity in EVERY area of my life. I’ve been there. I didn’t just read a book or take a certification course. I lived it. I used the tools I was given to heal myself. And I can help you, too. I’m able to do this, because I teach what I’ve been Divinely Given.

Are you ready to let me take you by the hand, and walk you through the life-changing action steps for creating prosperity beyond your wildest dreams... in EVERY Area of your life?

Remember I’m a firm believer EVERYTHING is Possible.

All you have to do is decide where you want to start. What do you want to accomplish first?

Choose the coaching session that’s right for you.

Then, we’ll map it out together. You’ll walk away with a game plan for the transformation you deserve. I’m here for you. Just a click away. Schedule your Complimentary Session of Choice Today.

Life’s too short to waste another day!

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