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Having a plan is great. Taking action with that plan is grand

- Rochel Lawson

Imagine waking up to the dream life you manifested, where you feel empowered and purpose-driven to live life on your terms, filled with gratitude and bold decisions.

Our Mission

At BlissfulLiving4U, we aim to help you achieve the blissful life of your dreams by balancing the 3 W’s - Wellness, Wisdom, and Wealth, with the help of our resources, training, and workshops.

Blissful Living 4 U

was founded by Rochel Marie Lawson, the Queen of Feeling Fabulous to help women and men unlock their bliss in all areas of life. For over 30 years, she has focused on giving others the care they needed to heal holistically: first as a nurse, and now as an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and a Coach.

Whether it is fulfilling relationships, a thriving business, a desire to make a greater impact, or discovering your authentic self, our programs and coaching will help you achieve whatever your heart desires. Rochel will help facilitate the creation of your dream life by balancing wellness to access wisdom and cultivate a wealth mindset.

What We Offer

BlissfulLiving4U Podcast - A show that will equip you with the best of resources and insights to assist you in living your dream life to the fullest, along with inspiring you to balance the pillars of wealth, wisdom, and wellness to unlock the ultimate state of joy in your life.

Wealth to Wellness - A program that’ll help you align your goals and mindset to achieve the life of your dreams by building the three pillars of wealth, wisdom and wellness.

Whether you’re struggling with limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, having a good night sleep or fighting other silent battles, BlissfulLiving4U will help you on the path to your dream life where you’ll be surrounded by bliss, the people you love, and your ideal lifestyle and wealth.

Exclusive 121 Coaching with Rochel Marie

How it all started- Story of Rochel Mariel Lawson, the Queen of Feeling Fabulous

Battling Hardships with an Unstoppable Drive of Self-Belief

I had a difficult childhood fighting life-threatening medical conditions. But that made me determined, fearless and realize the importance of a healthy mind and body. With the fearlessness brewing in me, I became the first person to move away from home, attend college and graduate with a degree at 20.

With that determination, I worked a couple of jobs. But soon things got worse when I found out that I was hired for sexist reasons and not because of my skills.

That’s when I decided to use my job income to fund my education and get an Electrical Engineering Degree.

Taking the First Step Towards the Life of My Dreams

With an Engineering Degree, I looked out for jobs in almost every Corporation in Silicon Valley but was met with sexual discrimination, again, despite excelling in the interviews.
This had me heartbroken and made me get another degree, this time in Nursing, as I always loved caring for people and being there for them.

Luckily, I didn’t face any kind of prejudice and was immediately employed as the Emergency Room/Trauma Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department.

And that’s when I decided to have my own business as I could work night shifts as a nurse and help my husband with the business during the day. And this is how I started my first self-owned business in Telecommunication at 23!

The Blissful Life I Dreamt Of Was Finally Here

Yet, running a business in a male dominant industry wasn’t easy. I faced similar sexism here, in fact, to the extent that a guy threatened me upfront.

But instead of feeling scared and helpless, it ignited a drive in me, to be successful and build the best business in its industry.

However, everything changed for me when I was 25. I came across Ayurveda and it transformed my life completely. It helped me rejuvenate and heal naturally and holistically in 9 months after suffering for 17 years from untreatable medical conditions.


Opened a completely new chapter in my new life. And everything that I had manifested and dreamt of was finally coming together.

All that I had

Visualized that I wanted to achieve in my life was happening… >> A great career that allowed me to help people. >> A very successful business. >> A beautiful family. >> An exclusive neighborhood in the house of my dreams.

Four years later

My company got the honor and recognition of being bestowed the title of one of the Top 50 Women-Owned Businesses in Silicon Valley for our stella Telecommunication services.

And most crucially

Healthy and wealthy in mind, body, and spirit. That’s when I decided to take it a step further and build BlissfulLiving4U - An initiative to help people live their dream lives along the pillars of wealth, wisdom, and wellness.

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