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Affirming Your Wealth

Blissful Living 4 U - Wellness, Wisdom, and Wealth - Learn to Dream Big

There is great wisdom in using some of your money to create savings, even if you are in debt. Savings create a tremendous amount of wealth-attracting energy and are considered a contribution to the flow of money in our society. Money that is saved can be circulated and used to create more wealth. Savings provide resources that allow you to be self-sufficient. As you feel abundant, you magnetize more money to you.

Think of money as usable energy that is available when you want it, if you’ve stored it in liquid investments. If you save some of your cash, you are less likely to be influenced by the ebb in the normal ebb and flow cycle. When you have money saved, you are able to take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

A powerful way of thinking about your savings accounts is to think of them as “expanding possibilities accounts” that will allow you more choices and more freedom and more opportunities to increase your wealth. Savings allow you to have greater control over the timing of your purchases and give you greater purchasing power.

Having a savings account acts like a magnet to draw more wealth to you. The money you save acts as a “money magnet” to attract more prosperity and wealth into your life. The larger your savings, the larger your wealth magnet. This is the part of the law of attraction that states “like attracts like.”

You can create a surplus in the flow as it goes through you if you consciously allow a larger and larger sum to accumulate before you spend it. You don’t need to make a fortune to start saving money and affirming wealth. Saving money will allow you to get comfortable with greater and greater amounts of the energy of money so that you will be able to handle a larger flow.

Imagine yourself looking at the prosperity that you have accumulated in your life and silently affirming, “All my money is energy awaiting my command to create good in my life,“ or “All my wealth is energy awaiting my command to create good in my life and the lives of others.” Stating an affirmation like this amplifies the magnetic energy of wealth to you instantaneously. You will feel a rush or a sensation in your body as you state the affirmation.

A wonderful, gratuitous and affirming way to show the universe that you are grateful for the wealth flowing into your life is using your wealth to create your life’s work which will draw even more wealth to you.

A quick check-in that you can do to see if you are affirming your wealth is to ask yourself this question:

Is my prosperity and wealth working for me to increase my abundance, joy, peace and aliveness in my life?

If you answer “yes,” then you are affirming the wealth in your life and enhancing the energy of more wealth to flow to you.

If you answer “no,” then you have some work to do and a quick self examination of what is currently going on in your life which may hold the rationale as to why the answer to the affirming wealth question is a “no.”

Food for thought.

Wishing you wellness, wisdom and wealth.

Rochel Marie Lawson,

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous.