Are You Attracting Or Repelling Wealth?

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It has been my observation that those who achieve great wealth and service do not do so overnight. It’s their focus, dedication and love of doing what they love to do that gives them the greatest pleasure. It’s that pleasure that ignites the magnetizing and attraction factor. Here’s something else that I’ve noticed about these folks, they almost always invest their money in their own work and not in investments that they are not familiar with.

People like this are so absorbed in their work that they pursue it consistently and steadily over a period of time, even though what they started out doing is not the line of work that they stay in. They gain knowledge and experience seeking to educate and expand their wisdom whenever the opportunity presents itself to them. It’s this dedication to their life’s purpose that attracts wealth and brings them financial prosperity.

Those that don’t make money or experience prosperity are usually people that think they have to work at jobs they don’t like until they have enough money saved to step into fulfilling their purpose.


What these people fail to realize is that the lasting path to attracting prosperity and wealth is to do your purpose, follow the laws of attraction, work with energy, and magnetize to attract what you want. All this has to come before you take action and live a life that is loving and joyful to you now, not later.




Attracting and creating wealth requires that you let go of any remaining beliefs that money and objects are hard to create, because they aren’t.


Below are a few of the qualities that attract and repel wealth:


Read the lists below. Close your eyes and think of an attracting quality that you want to focus on for the day. Work on developing the attracting quality by repeating it to yourself throughout the day. If you notice yourself doing something that repels wealth, place a positive attracting thought or action alongside the negative, which will cause the energy to shift. Consistency is the key.

















Here are some of the attracting qualities:


Honoring your worth and time, giving and receiving freely, opening your heart, expecting the best to happen, coming from your heart, doing your best, wanting everyone to succeed, cooperating, believing is never too late, taking action on your dreams, giving to others’ prosperity, doing your higher purpose activities first, seeing yourself as the source of prosperity
















Here are some of the repelling qualities:


Not honoring your worth and time, not giving or being open to receive, closing your heart, worrying that the worst will happen, getting into power struggles, cutting corners, competing, thinking only of what others will give you, telling yourself why you can’t succeed, hanging on to things, thinking it’s too late, giving up, waiting for others to give you permission, not believing in your path, putting off higher purpose activities until you have more time




Now you have a wealth-attracting tool that gives you insight as to if you are attracting or repelling wealth. Use this information consistently and wisely and observe the energetic shift within you as you begin to attract more wealth into your life.


Wishing you wellness, wisdom and wealth.


Rochele M. Lawson, RN, AHP, CMS