Boost Your Vitality and Radiance

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People that are genuinely healthy and who have a level of vitality exude a radiance that sets them apart from the lethargic masses.

Frail and waif are fine for fainting maidens in old poems and operatic divas in the final act, but they are stumbling blocks to people who want to live the unstoppable life of their dreams.

Invest in vitality by making your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing a high priority. In fact, you should make it your number one priority. We all know the boring basics about eating the right food and exercising daily, however, with all the misinformation and fad diets, it has become hard for people to decipher truth from fiction. This has led to some extreme things and has made taking care of your wellbeing an adventurous chore.



Food for thought, taking care of your health and wellbeing should be a glorious adventure. This adventure should lead to you gaining more wisdom on what works best for you in maintaining optimal health and wellbeing. This fabulous vitality adventure begins when you involve your whole being in the idea of being fabulously healthy with radiant vitality.


The great thing is that the idea of fabulous health and radiant vitality doesn’t take any time. It is just a matter of substituting one way of thinking for another. See yourself healthy regardless of appearances or history. You have to first make up your mind that you want to be healthy. The rest will follow naturally because healthy people do healthy things.


To assist you with enhancing your wellbeing and boosting your vitality, do these things:








Speak well of your physical self. Use words such as strong, robust, hearty, vibrant, radiant, fit and vigorous in referring to yourself, both in conversations with others and in your head. Get rid of words like fat, sluggish, weak, and dull.


Eat food that’s fresh and alive. If you spend more time eating fast food rather than home cooked meals then you have a major problem. If you spend more time in the middle aisles of the supermarket than at the edges where the fresh food is, you are cheating yourself. Enjoy all the fresh fruits and vegetables that you can get your hands on. Hold them, smell them, feel them and realize the life within them. You don’t get this from fast food or food in the middle isles of the supermarket.






Challenge yourself physically. You don’t have to run a marathon, or rock climb or bike for miles on end, but it can be something like roller skating, playing ball with your children or going for a long brisk walk in nature. Respect your limitations and use good sense. If you don’t use it you will lose it.






Associate with healthy people. All people are subject to a certain amount of peer pressure. Why not take the opportunity to make the peer pressure positive by being around people whose healthy lifestyle you would like to emulate.


Becoming an easygoing type of person. If it’s not your nature, pretend or as the saying goes “fake it until you make it.” Your blood pressure won’t know you’re faking. Physical activity, being around natural or artistic beauty, mental/physical discipline like yoga, meditation and tai chi are great stress reducers. When you are less stressed, it shows in the radiance and vitality of your face.






Don’t be surprised if people start to ask you “What are you doing? You look different.” What they’re really saying is “you look filled with vitality and radiance and I want what you have.”


Rochel Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous