Bringing Mindfulness to Eating

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We all occasionally sit down to eat and gobble up our food so fast that we either can’t remember what we ate or if we completely chewed up our food before swallowing. 

Many times we are eating on the run, talking or watching television while eating or simply just doing other things and not totally focused on the ritual of eating.

All of this rush, rush can began to wreck havoc on our digestive system and we may began to develop conditions such as gas, bloating, constipation, acid re flux, hyper acidity and so on.

If you have experienced any of the above symptoms, I am offering you a simple but often forgotten solution. Mindfulness.

Bring Mindfulness to your ritual of eating.

Being mindful encompasses not only what you do while your eating but it starts with what you select to eat and how you prepare it to eat. 

When selecting foods to eat try to select the freshest foods possible, next prepare the food with the proper amount of seasoning and pungent herbs and spices to add flavor without adding calories.

The herbs and spices should add to the food and should not take over the essence of the food but compliment it’s taste. And lastly when eating, eat without any distractions, no television or radio and minimal talking.

Try eating at a table and if that is not possible it is a must that you eat sitting down. Prior to eating you should give thanks for the food you are about to receive and the ability to be able to eat it.

Once you began to eat, slow down and chew eat bite at least 20 times noticing the texture and true flavor of the food. During the eating ritual really take time to connect with your food instead of gobbling each bite as fast as you can.

By taking time and being mindful while you eat you allow your body to prepare itself for the nutrients it is receiving as well as facilitate a smoother digestive process.

Another benefit to being mindful while you eat is that you will begin to feel full faster as your brain catches up and connects with your stomach.

The feeling of fullness will allow you to eat less and which can be an assistant in keeping the waistline in check.

Eating is a very sacred experienced and should be enjoyed without being rushed. The mindfulness that you can practice while eating your meals will allow you to connect and enjoy this sacred experience as it is meant to be.

In the very fast moving society that we live in today, bringing mindfulness to your eating may be the only time that you truly get to sit and relax and enjoy the present moment before you.

Wishing you much health and wellness!


Rochele M. Lawson,RN,AHP,CMS