Building and Sustaining Wealth No Matter What!

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2020 was a year that gave us a long list of reasons to be anxious about money and managing our wealth. 

Money is no surprise at the top of the anxiety, stress-producing aspect in many people’s lives.

It is estimated that 88% of the folks in America have suffered financial stress during the pandemic that COVID- 19 has descended upon the world.

And you know what?

Anxiety and stress aren’t the only emotions that have been triggered by our recent experiences and the challenges with managing our finances during this time.

Emotions like fear doubt, insecurity, shame, anger have bubbled up in many people, especially when they think about their bank account and their wealth.

Money is emotional because it touches every aspect of our lives. It shows up in our relationships, in how we take care of ourselves, in our identities, and in what we do for a living.

Dealing with all the challenges that COVID-19 has brought into our realities can certainly be stressful however if you sort out and balance your feeling behind managing your wealth you can utilize the energy of the current situation to balance and enhance your wealth.

By tapping into the feelings and emotions that you have around money, you can learn to use them to bring abundance and prosperity into your life.

Thus accelerating the growth of your wealth.

The following are some of the things that I use to build and sustain wealth in my life.

When I get stressed and unbalanced around money and wealth I make sure to spend time looking at my vision board.

By looking at my vision board and doing my simple vision board meditation I am able to immediately release all stress and anxiety behind my worries behind my finances and I am able to step into a place of receiving guidance, gaining focus, and moving forward with taking action to build the wealth that I desire.





Here’s a secret, It’s easier for the mind to create the vision of your desires when it actually has a vision of that desire to see.

It makes it more tangible and it makes it more real.

When it comes to dealing with anxiety around not ever having enough money, which is something that I hear a lot, I say:

“A person always has exactly what they need to accomplish what they need to do.”

This has been my motto since I was a young girl and although at times I have not embraced this way of thinking I have always known this to be true.

Much of the anxiety that people have around not had enough money comes from a sense of scarcity, that constant feeling that our needs are not being met or we’ll never have enough.

Scarcity makes us feel insecure which may lead to impulsive spending.

The best way to squash this is to set up a system so that your wealth-building and sustaining activities operate on automatic. This means that you don’t have to do anything and all money and wealth building operates on an automated system.

Whether you actively engage in putting money into wealth-building accounts or not your accounts are set up for automated wealth building. This frees you from the anxiety of worrying if you will have enough for what you may need.

And this applies to business enterprise wealth and personal wealth.

Now, it has been extremely challenging during this time as many people have witnessed the effects of how if the economy turns for the worse on a dime, you can lose a ton of money.

However on the other hand there are those that have made a ton of money during this time. In fact, I know of several companies that have reported making more money in the first 9 months of the Pandemic than they made in an entire 12 months in years prior to the Pandemic.

Not one might ask… how does this happen?.

The answer is simple:

Having flexibility in one’s wealth-generating capacity, one wealth sustaining capacity, and one balanced mental capacity.

These 3 things are the catalyst for having business revenues grow, retirement funds grow and wealth generation happen.

The beautiful thing about this is that it is not for just the privileged, wealthy, smart, or lucky people.

It is wisdom for all of us to use in our lives to build and sustain wealth in our lives.

All we have to do is be willing to accept the fact that the simplest things in life lead to the greatest rewards. All we have to do is begin the implementation process, stay dedicated to our journey and be open to the blessing of wealth building and sustaining that flow into our lives.

Are you ready to build and sustain wealth?

Rochel Marie Lawson, RN, AHP, CMS

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous