Keys To Financial Wellbeing

Prior to the pandemic of COVID-19 hitting, how often did you think about the state of your financial wellbeing? Were you actively paying attention to what was happening with the stock market or what was happening in the economy?

Did you pay attention to what was happening with your retirement account, savings account, or other investments?

If you are married, did you and your spouse plan for a rainy day?

If you are single did you even think about your financial wellbeing prior to COVID-19?

And if you have children did you have a plan in place that would be able to support you and them financially in case something like COVID-19 happened?

Have you created a financial blueprint or do you even know what that is or why you should have it?

Do you a financial expert on your team that you can help you to keep your financial wellbeing balanced?

Eric Mangold is a financial expert that shares his wisdom on how to have financial wellbeing even during a pandemic like COVID-19.

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