Making Confident Career Choices with Lindsay Gordon

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We’re living in a day and age where people are starting to think about the choices careers they’ve made. Since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve seen many people leave the workforce to pursue their passions for what they want to do in life. When choosing a career, most people have taken jobs that may not have been their passion but would lead them to be self-sustaining and provide them a decent income. But how does a person decide what is the right career choice for them?

In this podcast interview, Rochel Marie Lawson chats with Lindsay Gordon and shares how people can make the right career choices that resonate with what they want to do in the world.

Here’s what to expect in this episode

  • Why is it so difficult for people to do what they want to do
  • How to make career decisions that will make you happy
  • How to get deeply sexy results with your career choice
  • The biggest mistakes people make in their job searches
  • The easiest way to discover your unique value
  • Why quitting your job may not be the right choice
  • The best way to make sure you choose the right job


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