Staying Healthy, Fit, and Positive.

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The world is full of exciting times. We are currently experiencing a challenge with health and wellbeing around the world. We have been designated to what is called a “Shelter in Place”, in an effort to help us maintain our health and well being. This is leading to a more sedentary life, poor eating habits, poor eating choices, more mind-numbing television watching, stress, and a sense of imbalance. How do we keep it all together during this time? How can we have a sense of peace and wellbeing, clarity and energy when we are confined to our homes? What can we do to prevent excess weight gain, a cloudy mind or that feeling of being closed in or in a place of stagnation? The Queen of Feeling Fabulous, Rochel Marie Lawson shares her wisdom on how to stay healthy, well and fit in mind, body, and spirit during this time.

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