Stop Overworking and Start Overflowing with Human Design with Kristi Sullivan

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So many of us are focused on doing more to the point that we overwork, which leads to unnecessary stress in our lives.

This leads to an overwork syndrome, but this does not have to be a reality.
When you learn about Human Design and how it can help you stop overworking and start overflowing, your life changes for the better.
Join Rochel Marie Lawson, and she chats with Kristi H. Sullivan about Human design and how we can use it to enhance all aspects of our life.
Here’s what to expect in this episode
  • What is Human Design
  • Where did Human Design originate
  • What are the categories within Human Design
  •  Is Human Design related to the Chakra system
  • How can we use Human Design to assist us in our life
  • Why it’s vital for us to stop overworking
  • How can we regain more control of our lives
  •  Why it’s essential for us to start overflowing


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