Stop Stressing Out with Dr. Lisa Lewis – Part 2

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In this episode with Dr. Lisa Lewis, the conversation continues as she explains the natural and holistic ways that you can get the stress that is plaguing you in control.
She goes in-depth about you can determine your level of stress and a good diet for treating stress.
Did you know that the food you eat can either hinder or help your body with handling stress?
Are you aware that there are certain foods that actually cause the body to experience more stress?
Do you know how you can tell if the food you are taking in is helping or hindering your journey with stress?
Are you aware of how important exercise is in helping you to manage stress?
Do you know which supplements are best to take for assisting the managing or releasing stress?
Are you aware of why “good” sleep is so important for the management of stress?
Join Rochel Marie Lawson as she continues the chat with Dr. Lisa Lewis on how you can stop stressing out.
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