The Indigo Soul – Part 1

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Have you ever heard of the Indigo children or Indigo adults? Do you know what is meant by the words Indigo children? Did you know that Indigo’s come in all ages and personalities? Would you like to learn the main features of Indigos and how to use this information for peace and harmony in your life? Have you ever felt that you are out of place in life? Are you driven by your sense of purpose? Do you find yourself taking in the energy of others without realizing that you are doing this and it is affecting you? Would you like to know why this happens to you? If you have children, would you like to find out if they are Indigos and why you have been gifted with these special souls in your life? Listen as Rochel Marie Lawson chats with Yol Swan who shares her wisdom on this subject in a beautiful and informative manner. Yol Swan Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn:

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