The Indigo With Yol Swan

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Indigo adults are feminine souls with certain masculine qualities. Their main traits are:
  • Highly Sensitive-emotionally and otherwise
  • Receptive and Intuitive-including a non-cognitive perception
  • Empathetic and Compassionate
  • Drawn to Metaphysical and Spiritual Subjects
  • Deeply Connected to Animals and Nature
  • Highly Creative and Solution-Oriented
  • Hungry for a Deeper Understanding
  • Bound to the Truth
  • Non-Linear, Spherical Thinking
  • Freedom-Seeking Nature
  • A Stranger in a Strange Land-never seem to feel like you belong in the world or to your family of birth
  • Driven By a Sense of Purpose, and Searching for that Purpose
If you recognize these traits in yourself then you are among a wave of feminine souls who have often felt out of place or disconnected from the world around you. You just feel different! And often the end result is living with discomfort, anguish, and suffering, or taking on the pain of the world around you. But there is a way to come into alignment with who you truly are and were always meant to be-and Yol Swan shows you the way!

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