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The Interconnected Pillars of a Fulfilling Life – Wellness, Wealth and Wisdom

Blissful Living 4 U - Wellness, Wisdom, and Wealth - Learn to Dream Big
Have you ever heard that the wealthiest person on earth happens to be the happiest person alive? OR is the wisest person having the best time of his life? No, right? That’s because the pillar of a fulfilling and good life is not exclusively dependent on whether you are the wealthiest or wisest person in the room. But it all comes down to your lifestyle choices and aligning your mindset with the pillars of growth. In this blog, we will discuss how the three pillars of life are interconnected and how you can strike a balance between them to lead the life of your dreams.

Understanding the pillars of well-being and inner happiness

The three pillars that pave the path to wealth and happiness are interrelated. Once you have achieved inner contentment, you will no longer be affected by negative energy. However, you need to walk through the three pillars before reaching your destination of happiness. Let’s take a look at what those three pillars are.

1. Wealth, a means to happiness 

There is a famous saying that “Money can’t buy happiness,” but the truth is, that wealth does influence your happiness. Although one’s happiness does not necessarily depend on financial situation or wealth, it’s one of the ways to live the life of your aspirations. An instability in your financial wellness sometimes emerges as a hurdle to your holistic health. And one of the contributing factors to it may be your poorly managed wellness.  Anne Wilson Schaef, a well-known clinical psychologist, said, “Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be a precious savings account.”  Achieving wealth doesn’t mean getting it all but having contentment in what we have and working towards what we don’t. Financial wisdom is all about making the right financial decisions, staying mindful, and having control of your financial situation. When external forces govern your wealth decisions, you are likely to lose your state of well-being. Therefore, you must stop looking for short-term gratification and grow beyond materialistic gratification. Let the richness of life experiences, meaningful connections, and the pursuit of happiness enrich your financial prosperity.

2. Wellness, your secret to vibrant living

According to a report by the National Library of Medicine, “ Wellness encompasses eight mutually interdependent dimensions: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial, and environmental.” It’s evidence of how physical and mental health is just one aspect of wellness. It’s your state of living, being, and evolving. In this fast-paced and competitive world, we often get lost in the race to get ahead. Amidst the race, we start neglecting our well-being. However, it is essential to realize that your genuine companion in this endeavor is your health, which is the source of your vitality and gives you the fortitude to be a champion. Balancing wellness is about nurturing your emotions, being physically fit, and cultivating your mental health. It can be done by regular exercise, participating in relaxation activities, and having proper nutrition and rest. Stress can be a barrier to your well-being, but prioritizing self-care can assist you in managing it and maintaining a positive outlook.

3. Wisdom, your guiding light to a happy life 

Many of us mistakenly associate wisdom with the ability to impart or acquire knowledge. However, understanding is wider than this. It’s about self-reflection and learning from life experiences that help you become a better person. American physician and author Dr Mark Hyman says – “What most people don’t realize is that food is not just calories: It’s information. It contains messages that communicate to every cell in the body.”  He talks about how wisdom and wellness go hand in hand. With the proper knowledge, you have control over your body; you know what is beneficial for you and what is not. Healthy lifestyle choices play a crucial role in your well-being, and you can make those choices better if you use your inner wisdom. You are reading this blog because you are trying to bring wisdom into your life. When you apply this wisdom to your life, it will lead you to wellness. Thus, wealth, health, and wisdom are interrelated; the pathway to one leads to the other.

Balancing the three pillars 

Abhinav Bindra, a gold medal-winning Olympic shooter, talks about his wellness journey in an interview with the Indian Express. “Winning isn’t just about skill. It’s about winning over the mind. When I held the rifle in my victorious moments, I felt a sense of calmness and peace that enabled me to hit the target repeatedly.” Today, not only in the Olympics but in every other field, there are challenges and pressure that come with it. It has never been more crucial than ever to maintain the balance between your pillars of growth to achieve your wellness goal.

Self-care practices to achieve mind-body balance 

  • Make a customized diet and routine based on your body’s needs, and engage in mindful eating. 
  • Indulge in daily exercise or meditation to manage your stress 
  • Spend some time away from the screen, in nature, or with your family
  • Have a quality sleep and don’t compromise with it for work
  • Talk about your feelings with those around you, and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when in need 


Achieving a happy life isn’t as simple as taking a magic pill or following a predetermined formula. Instead, it’s an ongoing process of personal growth and development. Prioritizing physical, mental, and emotional wellness is essential to experience true happiness. Wellness forms the foundation of our lives, and wisdom is the foundation of health. Neglecting any of these pillars can lead to an imbalance, hindering our happiness. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a balance between all three pillars of wellness to live a happy and fulfilling life. Therefore, it is crucial to remain flexible and adapt to changing circumstances. If you need help with how to integrate these three pillars, please get in touch with us as you embark on your journey towards wellness.


1. What do the pillars of a good life mean? The pillars of the good life are the foundational elements that shape the well-being of a person. It’s critical to incorporate these pillars into your lifestyle to lead a happy and balanced life. 2. What are the pillars of health and happiness? Health and happiness have three pillars: wealth, wellness and wisdom. Finding the right balance between these three pillars is essential for a fulfilling and healthy life.