The Pleasure Of Inspiration And Creativity

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When you are in a state of genuine creative inspiration, you are connected to a greater force.

To be creatively inspired is to enter a zone where ideas, movements, words, music flow through you. The pleasure of true creativity comes from the fact that it connects you directly to the Self, to the innate creativity of the universal consciousness itself.

When we are at our most creative, we are the most in touch with the Divine.

Inspired creativity can flow in a conversation when all the participants are open to being channels for something to come that is greater than any one individual can access.

It can arise when you ask for inner guidance in solving a problem. Or it can come totally on its own, as a gift.

What does it take to experience the pleasure of being inspired?

First, you have to be willing and able to surrender to it, to let go of the fears, doubts and beliefs that block you from receiving inspiration.

Second, you need to have the skill and patience to translate the inspiration into action.

And third, you need to be able to notice and avoid the pride that comes in when you are tempted to “own” the gifts of inspiration.

Experiencing the full depth of joy in inspiration demands that you let go of the feeling ” I did this,” and that you recognize that creative inspiration comes from the essence, from the Self.

The practice for experiencing the pleasure of creativity is non-doer-ship: what Taoism call the action of non action.


Rochele M. Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS