The True Source of Great Well-Being with Aura Martinez

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Did you know that you are the greatest source of your well-being?
When you think about this statement what resonates within you? Everything that we need in life to live the best life possible is within us. The problem is we discount that and when we do we give our power away. We deny the wisdom and power that has been bestowed within us. So how does one tap into this source of well-being that resides within us? It starts with the journey of discovery and taking responsibility for everything that has happened in our lives. Join Rochel Marie Lawson, The Queen of Feeling Fabulous as she chats with Aura E. Martinez who shares some very powerful words of wisdom on how we all can connect with the true source within us, take back our power, and become our greatest self. Links to Aura E. Martinez Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

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