In this first lesson, we will delve into the Ayurveda Principles, which serve as the cornerstone for manifesting your dream life through the harmonization and balance of wellness, wisdom, and wealth using sustainable holistic principles. The objective of Ayurvedic medicine is to proactively prevent and treat ailments by fostering harmony among the body, mind, and environment, rather than waiting for problems to arise. This approach enables individuals to lead a healthy and joyous life, free from illness and disease. Ayurveda is founded upon the existence of five elemental components: space/ether (ākāśa), air/wind (vāyu), fire (tejas), water (jala), and earth (pṛthvī). These elements are fundamental to life, both within our bodies (the microcosm) and throughout the entire universe (the macrocosm). Life itself would not be possible without them. Ayurvedic sages have developed various techniques to maintain the equilibrium of these elements and promote well-being within ourselves and our surroundings. These five principles have been condensed by Ayurvedic sages into three constitutional types, known as doshas. The three doshas are: vata (a combination of space and air elements), pitta (a combination of fire and water elements), and kapha (a combination of water and earth elements). These doshas govern our entire physiology. In our next lesson, we will explore the identification of your specific dosha type based on the current physical symptoms manifested in your body.  ACTION ITEM Review all the lessons in Module 1 Prepare yourself for deep transformation