Let’s begin by taking a moment to reflect on your experience in Module 1, which included the 7-day detox and the Mental Detox. In your workbook, utilize the provided space to share any thoughts or feelings that arose during this experience. Note how you currently feel after completing the detox challenge and take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the commitment you have demonstrated thus far. Additionally, reflect on the thoughts and emotions that surfaced throughout the process.

Now, consider the new beliefs you listed in Module 1. Pay attention to any emotions that arise when you think about these beliefs. Are there feelings of fear, excitement, worry, or anxiety? In the chart provided, beside each new belief you have written down, list the corresponding emotions or feelings that arise for you. Assess if you truly envision yourself ready to achieve the desired results associated with these beliefs.

Subsequently, identify one action you can take to solidify each of these new beliefs. Rewiring your brain and altering limiting beliefs is not an overnight transformation. Changing long-held thoughts and patterns will require conscious effort and awareness. It is vital to understand the emotions evoked by these new beliefs and establish actionable steps to adhere to them.

I hope you are experiencing feelings of excitement and inspiration as you embrace the person you are becoming. Together, we are cultivating a mental space that allows you to feel boundless. By focusing on your mindset, anything you aspire to achieve becomes 100% possible and attainable.

The following exercise holds great significance. In the space provided, write down your top 5 Personal and Professional Goals. Take your time with this task, contemplating deeply what you genuinely desire. Often, we hinder ourselves from expressing our true desires due to doubts about their feasibility. Eliminate any limitations or objections from your mind and express your authentic aspirations. Disregard any judgment or opinions from others; simply let your true desires emerge.

Clarity regarding what we wish to achieve is essential for progress. Envision an ideal day in your life and describe its elements. Take a moment to record your answers in the workbook.

In the next lesson, we will delve deeper into goal setting and embracing risks. This is where your true life vision begins to unfold.