Take a moment to ask yourself: Is fear hindering me from pursuing what I truly want in life? If your answer is yes, know that you are not alone. Fear is a common experience because certainty does not exist in life. Every choice and decision we make inherently involves a level of risk. The outcome of our decisions remains uncertain; we simply choose the option we believe will yield the best results. Consider the kind of decision-maker you are. Do you tend to prioritize safety or embrace taking risks? The term “risk” may evoke fear or lead you to perceive risk-takers as dangerous or reckless. However, I want you to understand that the greatest peril in life is to risk nothing. By avoiding risks, you may steer clear of suffering and sorrow, but you will also miss out on opportunities to learn, grow, experience, change, love, and truly live. Those who risk nothing ultimately achieve nothing. What causes us to shy away from taking risks, even when the potential gain is significant and the risk is low? Fear of loss, failure, and the perceived humiliation accompanying potential loss are often high on most people’s list. When making decisions, we tend to contemplate various possible outcomes, including worst-case scenarios. Now, let’s turn to your workbook for a simple exercise that will help you understand your ability to take risks. Reflect on the goals you established in Lesson One. Ask yourself if those goals genuinely reflect what you truly desire or if they are simply what you are settling for. Next, imagine a scenario where you possess all the talent, ability, and resources necessary to achieve your goals. What would your goals be in that scenario? Write down your thoughts. For each of your goals, list out the benefits that would arise from achieving the desired results. Consider the cause-and-effect relationship, asking yourself questions like: If I did this, what would happen? If I did that, then what would happen? After identifying your new goals and the potential benefits, it’s time to bring everything together. Write down one actionable step that will move you one step closer to achieving your new goals. Remember, success is built upon taking one step forward at a time. Let’s identify what that next step will look like for you.