In our daily lives, we encounter numerous chemicals and toxic substances that can result in feelings of sickness and low energy. Our body’s natural detoxification system is designed to support our overall health by eliminating waste products from our metabolism and environmental toxins. However, due to increasing stress, our bodies have limitations. This is why detoxification can be an effective method to reset your body and alleviate mental fog. It offers a potential solution for restoring your body’s balance. I understand that the term “detox” often brings to mind images of starving oneself, consuming peculiar mixtures, and depriving oneself of enjoyable things. However, that is not the type of detoxification we recommend. Ayurvedic detoxification is specifically designed to promote healing on all levels of your being. While weight loss may occur as a secondary benefit, its primary focus is restoring your body’s well-being. Now, I invite you to take a moment and provide yourself with some space to answer the question provided in your workbook. Jot down any symptoms you may be experiencing at the moment.   ACTION ITEM Review the food shopping list in Lesson 4, Prepare for Detox. Check your pantry and make a list of items you need to buy.