Now that you have gained an understanding of the benefits associated with detoxification, let’s briefly discuss the preparations required for your detox journey. In your workbook, I have included a comprehensive list of items to assist you in getting prepared. This encompasses a shopping list comprising foods, supplements, herbs, spices, and beverages necessary for your detox program. Additionally, I have provided a list of foods and behaviors to avoid during this process. Healing your body and mind is a holistic undertaking, and it is crucial to fully embrace these recommendations in order to achieve the maximum benefits from your detox. I encourage you to make a commitment right now to a specific start date for your detox. Once you have selected your start date, proceed with obtaining the ingredients required to set yourself up for a successful detox journey. The ingredient list we have provided is tailored to the three doshas, ensuring the restoration of balance within your body. This will enable your body to function optimally, allowing you to experience the best possible results following your detox.