Now that we have addressed the physical detox for your body, it is time to shift our focus to a mental detox in this lesson.

Before we can adopt a success mindset, it is crucial to undergo a mental detox to shed any “toxic” mindsets that may be holding you back from achieving the level of success you desire.

In this lesson, we will work together to eliminate these mental roadblocks, allowing you to reprogram yourself for greater success.

I will share with you the 10 most common mental roadblocks. As we go through them, reflect on which ones resonate with you and why.

Mental Roadblock 1: Blaming others for your failures and current situation.

Mental Roadblock 2: Believing that real change is impossible.

Mental Roadblock 3: Allowing past mistakes to define you.

Mental Roadblock 4: Thinking that no one can help you.

Mental Roadblock 5: Feeling undeserving of success.

Mental Roadblock 6: Denying the need for change, believing everything is fine as it is.

Mental Roadblock 7: Procrastinating on making changes, believing there is no time.

Mental Roadblock 8: Using the excuse that success and money aren’t everything to avoid even trying.

Mental Roadblock 9: Believing that success isn’t worth it, fearing it will compromise your true self.

Mental Roadblock 10: Fearing that success will transform you into someone you dislike.

To overcome your mental detox, refer to your workbook and answer the questions related to these 10 mental roadblocks. Your goal is to reframe your mindset by creating new beliefs that replace your biggest mental roadblock.

This new mindset and set of beliefs will pave the way for a significant breakthrough in your life, enabling you to achieve the success you have always desired.

Congratulations on completing the first module! The journey may not have been easy, but if you stayed committed, you are one step closer to unlocking your bliss.

In the next module, our focus will be on reprogramming your mind to attain the highest state of wellness, wisdom, and wealth, allowing you to truly live your dream life.




Write down how you are feeling after Detox. Bring it all together