Why You Should do Self-Quarantine

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The coronavirus disease is spreading quickly, and it’s more likely to spread if there is constant contact. Some countries are implementing community quarantine, and while some people are going to be highly affected, other parts of the community don’t understand the need. 

This is why you should do self-quarantine.

Since the coronavirus disease is spread by being in close proximity with infected individuals, it would be smart to distance yourself from people who are sick. It’s important the people who are sick avoid going to places with large crowds, and if they can, just avoid going out except for the necessities or wear a mask when they’re out.

Aside from that, people who travel to the affected countries should self-quarantine for 2 weeks to observe if they develop any of the symptoms that are listed under the coronavirus disease. If you or anyone close to you has traveled to any of the affected areas recently, then you should take responsibility for your condition and self-quarantine.

Putting yourself in quarantine will also reduce the chance of spreading the disease. Some people are asymptomatic, which is why it’s important to take quarantine as a precaution rather than an option.


3 Things to do During Self-Quarantine

While being in self-quarantine can be boring, it’s a good time to let your body heal and prepare itself against the virus.

Here are some ways you can keep sane during the self-quarantine:

1. Do some yoga – this allows you to harmonize with your body. Often, it is easy to lose sight of what is important, that you forget to take care of yourself. This time, make an effort to be in tune with what you are feeling inside and out.

2. Catch up on sleep – Your immune system improves when you get the right amount of sleep. Sometimes, it can be difficult to sleep when you have to worry about a routine that is done outside of your home.

3. Try to clear up your sinus cavity – Ayurveda has a process called Nasya. This helps clean your nasal passages, which is ideal if you have allergies. Since the coronavirus disease affects the respiratory system, it would be smart to clear your passages and also add some moisture to your throat to avoid infection.