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The Unstoppable Woman's Manifesto

is designed to give you that orgasmic experience in your life, so that you are constantly and passionately living out the next era of your life.

Hi, I'm Rochel Marie Lawson,

Founder of Blissful Living 4 U

I used to be just like you, suffering from chronic illness in silence. I was guilty of trying to be superwoman, but I was really super-suffering. I used to live life on layaway and could barely afford to pay my bills.

Then I made a decision to take inspired action and trust and believe in the process that the divine had laid out for me. Today, my life has totally changed.

Hence, the Wellness to Wealth Mastermind. I want you to realize endless possibilities, take reign over your kingdom, and build expensive health and prosperity.

I want you to go from being broke and struggling to having freedom, health, and riches without working so hard. I want you to leave future generations with wellness, intelligence, and prosperity so they don’t struggle like you did. I want you to be peaceful and successful.

I want to personally invite you to join me in this mastermind and allow me to guide you from the pits of hell to the greatness within, so you can shine bright like the diamond you are.


I feel like sh*t. I feel like crap.

No matter how many prescriptions I take, I just don’t feel good. Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped in my own body. Something has got to change.

I need to do something radically, drastically different because...


You worked way too damn hard to not have anything.

Live the life that you deserve.

Perfect for career executives, moms on a mission, and everyday entrepreneurs

Step into your transformation to own the life you want for yourself.


Check out what happened for


Jacquelynn Peterson, Florida.

Speaker at Brave, Bold & Unstoppable Women's Summit

“The energy, synergy, and love are off the charts at The Brave, Bold, and Unstoppable Summit! Rochel Marie Lawson truly creates magic at these event, as powerful, inspiring, and uplifting women leaders across the country come together to share their stories, message, and wisdom to inspire, uplift, and empower one another. It’s where men and women come to be vulnerable, heard, seen, supported, and transformed. Heart-to-heart connections are built, and you are never ever the same or alone anymore. Because there’s now a community of powerful and compassionate leaders at your side to cheer for your success and encourage you through your challenges going forward. It’s where we all rise and become exceptional together!”

Kevin Murphy

Author of The Three Rooms has nothing but good things to say!

“We had a speaker cancel on us at the last minute for our wellness day. I was referred to Rochel Marie and she was available to fill in for our canceled speaker. She was engaging, informative, and funny. The audience loved her simple to incorporate tips and the manner in which she delivered them. In fact, she impressed us so much that we are bringing her back once a quarter as part of our effort to improve wellness for our employees. We hit a home run with Rochel Marie.”

Feel Inspired and Empowered to Redefine Success on Your Terms